Clinical CPD Conference Days 2016


We are sad to announce that Allegra’s Clinical CPD Days have been cancelled due to lack of supplier participation. We are dependent on the support of the Pharmaceutical Suppliers in order for us to host such a costly event. Your loyal support and dedicated attendance over the years is highly appreciated. We are planning a yearly Allegra Congress in the future and will keep all the information we currently have on our database for future communication.


Allegra offers Continued Professional Development (CPD) programmes to healthcare professionals across the healthcare industry. Our clinical CPDs are SAMA accredited and allow professionals to adhere to their respective councils’ CPD requirements. CPD Days can be attended by any healthcare practitioner in the retail environment and is completely free of charge. The aim of the Clinical CPD Conference Day is to transfer clinical condition information to the healthcare professional. At Allegra we foster a philosophy of holistic patient care through educational participation and customised business process solutions.

Allegra will be hosting a round of Clinical CPD Conference days, in the various regions, from 30 August – 8 September 2016. Please note that Gauteng attendees may attend either of the Gauteng days, since both days are exactly the same and two days are held to try and accommodate more people.

30 August 2016 Port Elizabeth
31 August 2016 Gauteng
1 September 2016 Gauteng
6 September 2016 Bloemfontein
7 September 2016 Somerset West
8 September 2016 KZN, Durban

Allegra has brought one of our Value Added Re-sellers, BIC (Britz Investment Consulting), on board to assist with all logistics regarding these events going forward.

Registration and queries can be referred to Isolde Paul at

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