Welcome to the Allegra Blog

As a company that builds software solutions around the philosophy of TOTAL PATIENT CARE, Allegra aims to bring you current and valuable healthcare information via our blog. As lovers of good coffee ourselves, we urge you to grab a cup ‘o joe, read our blog and expand your knowledge! It is our wish that the content published on this blog will provide you, the business owner and healthcare provider in South Africa, with the necessary tools to propel your business to greater heights, while providing the patients under your care with an excellent service.

You may be asking, “but Who is Allegra?”

Allegra enables healthcare providers to adapt to current and future patient care challenges. We do this by developing innovative software that will support and enable integrated, effective business process solutions. The Allegra Product Suite is a sharp instrument in the hands of agile, progressive thinking healthcare businesses and consists of different modules which can be combined or used as standalone solutions to fit your business requirements.

Allegra provides one platform that allows integration between healthcare stakeholders such as medical aids, insurance companies and point of care service providers. This results in the opportunity of one shared electronic patient health record across the healthcare network for those who are part of the Allegra Healthcare Community.

For more information about Allegra, please visit our website – http://www.allegra.co.za

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