Pharmacy Week – Dispensing Revolution

The world of pharmacy is changing daily!  Keeping up with the changing needs of your patients has become a full time job. Competition within the pharmacy space is rife.  Free deliveries and accounts are no longer enough to entice patients to your pharmacy.  With very little loyalty from patients, retaining them has become almost impossible…. Electronic marketing and e-commerce sites reach only a select few.

Allegra, a key player in the pharmacy industry for many years, understands the challenges of a modern day pharmacy better than many others.

The changing landscape of the pharmacy has challenged us to look at innovative ways to not only revolutionize the current way of doing business, but also to empower the pharmacist to use his professional skills and knowledge to the benefit of his patients.

One way this is possible is by reducing the amount of time and effort spent on functions that can be automated in the pharmacy.


Using technology to revolutionize dispensing.

Allegra has changed the script: we assist pharmacies to capitalize on a business approach, focusing on service-orientated Total Patient Care, while we also assist you in accessing ALTERNATIVE REVENUE STREAMS in non-traditional health segments, such as loyalty programs and life insurance.

Allegra’ software is a sharp instrument in the hands of agile, progressive- thinking pharmacists in a volatile market where the margins of the traditional pharmacy business is under pressure. Allegra gives you, the pharmacist, the edge in your market by:



Automated processes are built into the Allegra dispensing module. Now, you no longer have to spend time on key administrative tasks, but can rather focus on being more strategic in growing your business, and having more time to spend with your patients.

Some of the functions that could be automated through Allegra’s dispensing software:

  • Chronic & repeat scripts are claimed automatically.
  • Sending out automated collection of prescription and reminders to customers with the SMS functionality.


Automatically claimed chronic & repeat scripts results in:

  • Lower stockholding on scheduled drugs
  • Saving one resource per month for every 5 000 chronic scripts
  • Drugs issued on time and paid for before your client arrives to pick it up


Other functionality:

  • Multi-branch pharmacy groups,
  • Access your clinic software from your dispensing system (immediate access to your patients clinical info e.g. last BP reading)
  • Keeping processes consistent,
  • Cost saving – stationary


With the Allegra dispensing module you don’t need to pay a premium to buy your printers and paper from your software provider. You can procure any Windows compatible printer and standard printing paper at any supplier of your choice.

It is a retail pharmacy management solution developed from a Pharmacist’s perspective. It enables Pharmacies to practice TOTAL PATIENT CARE by providing an integrated, effective business solution that is customized to your specific needs.

There are many more unique features and we will supply more info in our next blog post. If you need more information or a discussion with one of our sales team members, please contact us via email at or give us a call on 086 010 9103

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