Pharmacy Week – Pharmacy Revolution continued

To keep up with the evolution in healthcare the pharmacist’s role has been evolving from a primary focus of medication distribution to expanding into clinically orientated services.

As a pharmacist you are the expert in the appropriate use of medication but you are also able to offer a wide range of clinical services in different practice settings.

This unique position in the healthcare team enables you to reduce adverse drug reactions, reducing healthcare costs, improving adherence and medication safety, thus optimizing health outcomes.

Allegra realized that unfortunately with the current technology it is basically impossible to unlock the true value of the pharmacist due to restrictions within the current technology.

Pharmacy week has a focus on Safe Medication usage.  At Allegra we believe that this is only possible if you are able to practice TOTAL PATIENT CARE.

Allegra’s objective is to enhance clinical information management and pharmaceutical care through the provision of a software suite that integrates dispensing, primary healthcare, practice management, and wellness management modules into one comprehensive and user-friendly system.



Allegra makes it possible for you to integrate all of the healthcare service opportunities in your pharmacy:

  • Dispensary,
  • Clinic,
  • OTC and front shop.

These functionalities are integrated with one patient record.

This means that you as the Pharmacist have immediate access to a patient’s clinical data from your clinic, enabling you to make informed recommendations to the patient.

As the custodian of medication and with the changing role of the pharmacist this technology enables you to offer true Total Patient Care.

Allegra assists you in unlocking your value by having the information you need to optimise your patient’s treatment at your fingertips, and have documented proof of your input.

Let us help you care for your patients!


One Platform

This one platform allows integration between healthcare stakeholders such as medical aids, insurance companies and healthcare providers.

The Allegra Healthcare Management System contains the following Software Solutions and an electronic learning site:

  • a clinic solution for the clinic nurse or sister;
  • a health assessment solution;
  • a pharmacy management solution;
  • E learning site – Training to healthcare professionals in their respective fields. The training may vary from systems training – using a specific program; day-to-day operational training; business  basics ( financials / HR / Customer care etc.) to attending workshops (CPD accredited).

For more information or a visit from our sales team please contact us via email at or give us a call on 086 010 9103

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