Total Patient Care – Clinical services

The changing needs of patients, a difficult economic climate, shrinking margins and spiraling health care costs encouraged the pharmacist to investigate alternative streams of income, creating the perfect setting for a pharmacy clinic.

Allegra believes that today, clinical services are a critical part in offering Total Patient Care.

Pharmacists are in a unique position to offer patients clinical services through their pharmacy clinic, while having a complete medication record from their dispensing software.

Traditionally it was impossible for the pharmacist to utilize these two powerful sources of information to realize Total Patient Care.

Allegra has developed a modular integrated solution, a Clinic Management solution that is easily accessed through our dispensary software.

Although these solutions function optimally when used as intended – each module can function independently.

The Clinic software solution functionality includes:

  • Baby immunizations
  • Baby milestones
  • Admin of injections
  • Family Planning
  • Women’s health consultations
  • Metabolic disease consultations
  • Wound care
  • Travel consultations & immunizations
  • HIV risk assessments
  • Repeat consultation and communication capabilities, through the diary booking feature of the software package.
  • Patient Health Record Keeping, confidential and secure


These services are all supported by:

  • The electronic patient health record, this could be accessed /used in multiple branches if required. Easily accessed through the dispensing module.
  • Comprehensive patient history (Electronic health record).
  • Electronic patient follow-up (to remind patients of follow up visits or to invite patients to take part in certain campaigns e.g. Flu vaccines).
  • Financial and Procurement management abilities.
  • Time based (consultation time) billing feature.
  • Electronic diary that can be used for patient follow-up appointments and SMS reminders.
  • Bulk SMS filtering by age, date of birth, gender, repeat Rx and more.
  • Printable patient health guidelines / Baby milestones.
  • No more paperwork.
  • Service protocols to ensure uniform service delivery across multiple service providers.
  • Robust reporting capabilities e.g. Feet/hour, Type of Services, Income per service etc.



Wellscreen is a health and wellness assessment solution (already in use by over 500 primary care clinics in South Africa including pharmacy based clinics) that

  • collects and distributes (with consent) biometric data
  • offers a comprehensive lifestyle assessment questionnaire developed from local and international clinical guidelines

With this solution you can QUICKLY earn an extra income by doing Preventative Health Screenings paid for by more and more medical aids (funders) and loyalty programs:

  • Medscheme Administered Medical Aids e.g.

Bonitas, Fedhealth, Sasolmed etc.

  • Discovery Vitality
  • Momentum Health and many others

Members receive a health risk report in real-time at point of care and you receive payment from the loyalty companies and funders.

Biometric Data is sent in Real-time to the Funder.  No need to access a separate website or faxing forms to different numbers!

While the Primary Care Solution was designed to be used by a Registered Nurse, with the new scope of practice of a PCDT (Primary Care Drug Therapy) pharmacist the software easily caters for this role as well.

Allegra helps you to stay informed, stay relevant and stay in business.

Why wait, become part of the Allegra network of service providers today, it is the only way to go!

For more information or a visit from our sales team please contact us via email at or give us a call on 086 010 9103

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