Allegra Pharmacy Software Solution

Allegra Pharmacy Software Solution makes it possible for you to integrate all of the healthcare service opportunities in your pharmacy: your Dispensary, Clinic, OTC and Front Shop. These functionalities are integrated with one Patient record. This means that you as the Pharmacist have immediate access to a patient’s clinical data from the clinic and are then able to make informed recommendations to the patient.

As a pharmacist your aim is to CARE FOR YOUR PATIENT.

If you don’t have your patient holistic information at your disposal, you cannot advise the patient in the best way possible. Allegra Retail Pharmacy Software Solution  helps you to have all the information you need to help your patient manage his or her health better, whether this is by recommending healthcare-related products or services, or a kind word of advice on lifestyle changes.

Allegra is a retail pharmacy management solution developed from a Pharmacist’s perspective. It enables Pharmacies to practice TOTAL PATIENT CARE by providing an integrated, effective business solution that is customized to their specific needs.

One of the key challenges facing every business owner is keeping costs down, while exceeding client expectations. Allegra Retail Pharmacy Software Solution helps you to save costs on a daily basis. For instance, with the Allegra Retail Pharmacy Software Solution  you don’t need to pay a premium to buy your printers and paper from your software provider. You can procure any Windows compatible printer and standard printing paper at any supplier of your choice during normal business hours, close to your Pharmacy. This constitutes just one example of a definite cost saving!

You’re trained to help people – let Allegra help you care for them better! Allegra Retail Pharmacy Software Solution,  is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)program.  Using Allegra Retail Pharmacy Software Solution you can serve your clients better through improving their experience at your point-of-sale and building a relationship with them through sending SMS messages and email messages. 

Allegra Retail Pharmacy Software Solution helps you to grow your business and to make your pharmacy more profitable.  Want to know more about what the Allegra Pharmacy Software Solution has to offer and how our software  can change the way your pharmacy operates?  Contact Allegra today and together we can add value to your business.








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