Allegra is a South African company that specializes in electronic healthcare management solutions. The Allegra Solution focuses on Total Patient Care that
enables you to build an integrated and effective Preventative Care System that is
customized to your specific needs.

Our software solution enables role players in the Healthcare Industry, Medical Aids, Life Insurance Companies and Service Providers, to practice coordination of care. We also incorporated best practice management processes into our software solution to enable you to manage your business profitable.

Diarising for follow-up immunizations will help to close the lost patient gap between
the ages 12 and 40 that currently exists in clinics. You can now re-invite and remind
patients to return for follow-ups time after time. With the automated diary, SMS or e-mail functionalities you can invite customers back into your business for follow-up family planning, immunization and other primary care services. Now you can keeping your patient healthy for life, ensuring return business and improvement of your business bottom-line.

The Allegra Primary Healthcare solution facilitates service delivery to patients via
standardised protocols for immunizations, WellBaby, wound care, family planning and
other primary care services. In addition, a full patient history is available during consultations to ensure informed decision making.

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