Biokineticist’s Solution From Allegra

Allegra was started with the  aim to enable healthcare providers to offer  Total Patient Care — The goal was to  manage patient information across an integrated network of health care providers and other stakeholders, from the patient to primary care providers, specialists,  medical aids and auxiliary services.

This goal would form the basis of the WellScreen Health Assessment Model, which is currently deployed at more than 350 sites. Part of the unique of the solution is the of biometric data. At present from registered nurses to various medical aids and loyalty programs.

Recently, we have introduced software with similar functionality for Biokineticists., This gives biokineticists the opportunity to offer their  clients, , health and fitness assessments.  This will include them as part of the health care team delivering assessment information to third parties. – in real time.

Within the first month…

Within the first month biokineticists, with the help of the Allegra Biometric screening  solution that was designed for the biokineticists   have done 2800 assessments, valued at half a million rand. These assessments assists clients to honestly look at their health and  together with the health care provider, help them to become healthier..

Our software solutions provide a platform that allows collaboration between clients, healthcare  providers and other stakeholders, including biokineticists – one shared patient health record for all  parties on the Allegra network.

This software offers:

  • A single platform where health and fitness screenings can be done.
  • Comprehensive electronic patient records and patient history.
  • Automatically generated reports.
  • Health risk stratification and reporting.
  • Reduced paperwork. No more faxes – everything is done electronically.
  • The option to switch the biometric data to the funder in real-time.

The Allegra system is being improved constantly.  Features currently in development, includes financial claiming, more health assessments, across a broader spectrum of funders and additional reports.

Some of these enhancements are based on client feedback, which is valued and an important feature of how this network and platform grows.

Allegra is a dynamic, fast growing company in the health care space.  Our vision, “To become a key driving force in bringing the philosophy of total patient care to life”.

We accomplish this through a value system of care, innovation, agility, joy and trust.

If you would like to provide your feedback on the Allegra systems, please contact us at:

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