Health telematics and it’s enhancement of remote healthcare

Telematic Medical Applications  is one of the newest and most powerful of recent additions to the health care management solutions. The many benefits of  Telematic Medical Applications make it an area of rapid development in rural,  regional, national, and international health care initiatives. People can be diagnosed and treated at local clinics, without having to travel to distant hospitals. Telematic Medical Applications can also reduce the isolation of chronically ill or handicapped persons.

Health information and education can be made available in communities of hitherto disadvantaged and under-served populations. In addition, the possibility of home
monitoring of chronically ill patients reduces admissions to, and lengths of stay in hospital. Besides leading to direct improvements in public health services, including emergency medicine and triage in emergency situations, Telematic Medical Applications  also, more indirectly, increases support among medical personnel working in remote and isolated areas, making traditionally under-served areas more attractive to beginning professionals in medicine, education, and other areas.

One World Health Organization (WHO) group has defined health telematics as a
“composite term for health-related activities, services and systems, carried out over a
distance by means of information and telecommunication technologies, for the purposes
of global health promotion, disease control and health care, as well as education,
management, and research for health.”

Telematic Medical Applications supports many healthcare efforts, including preventive checkups and care for basic illnesses and injuries — essentially, the kinds of issues a family doctor would address. But one of its most important functions is to facilitate patient evaluation during emergencies.  In an article written by Dr. Philip Sotiriades, general director of Telematic Medical Applications. he stated that, “Virtual consultations allow a physician specialist to work in conjunction with first responders and determine which injuries are truly emergent and require costly transportation, and which can be handled on-site.”

Telematic Medical Applications is a leading Healthcare System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider in the area of Integrated Computer science.


Health Telematics and its Societal Implications –

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