Improving Pharmacy operations with Allegra Healthcare Solutions

As a pharmacy business owner and or manager of a pharmacy, it is your responsibility to effectively manage the various aspects of the pharmacy, such as finances, staff, marketing, sales, and customer service. It can be difficult to oversee all of these areas, particularly in larger pharmacies, and in such cases, an effective, integrated pharmacy management software solution is detrimental to ensure good governance, adding value added services; and control measure to your business operations.

Recent technological advances, such as integrated computerised healthcare management systems are now available to advance service delivery and promote revenue opportunities. Allegra Healthcare Management Solutions enables your pharmacy to provide a higher level of patient care and monitor performance on key operations. 

Allegra Healthcare Management Solutions help pharmacies achieve efficient operations, increase prescription and retail revenue, and promote patient counseling and healthy outcomes.

 Allegra’s Healthcare Management software solutions are built around the philosophy of TOTAL PATIENT CARE. Allegra provides one integrated, effective, customised business process solution that enables the health care provider to adapt to current and future customer care challenges. The Allegra platform allows integration between healthcare stakeholders such as medical aids, insurance companies and healthcare providers. This results in the opportunity of one shared patient health record across the Southern African healthcare network for those who are a part of the Allegra Healthcare community.  We offer systems built to accommodate a wide range of business objectives that you as a business owner cannot do without. The Allegra Healthcare Management System comprise of a portfolio of services uniquely positioned for the pharmacy business.

Our integrated pharmacy software systems help you take care of your business so you can focus on your patients.

The Allegra Healthcare Management system and services implementation

Allegra’s software development team and consultants will be there to assist you with the implementation process. Depending on your pharmacy type and the system you choose, our implementation program may include either remote or on-site system installation coordinated by a highly trained project manager.


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