Allegra’s Retail pharmacy dispensing software advance service delivery

While the pharmacist and pharmacy technician are the most critical “pieces” to a fabulous pharmacy, the tool that is most important for them is their pharmacy software.  There are no shortage of pharmacy software vendors out there.  Many of them have developed great products and as such make the day to day life of the pharmacy team much better.  But not all software systems are created equal.  Some are fantastic.  Some are nightmares.

For those who don’t know, retail pharmacy dispensing software is a fairly complicated feat of programming.  Pharmacy dispensing software must integrate so many different functions. The software must accurately manage relatively complex billing adjudications in real-time, keep track of detailed patient dispensing data, track inventory, manage the workflow and generate dozens of reports.  And there are literally hundreds of other necessary features and functions as well.

Recent technological advances, such as integrated computerised healthcare management systems are now available to advance service delivery and promote revenue opportunities. Allegra Healthcare Management Solutions enables your pharmacy to provide a higher level of patient care and monitor performance on key operations.

Allegra Healthcare Management Solutions help pharmacies achieve efficient operations, increase prescription and retail revenue, and promote patient counseling and healthy outcomes.

Allegra’s Healthcare Management solutions are built around the philosophy of TOTAL PATIENT CARE.


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