Total Patient Care from Allegra

A holistic view of patient health means adopting a viewing point “characterized by the belief that the parts of something [healthcare] are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.” (Google Dictionary, 2018)

How is this achieved in a medical context? The answer has been summed up by one simple phrase; Total Patient Care (TPC).

TPC is a philosophy that aims to optimise the most important aspect of being human; health. Simply put, TPC is the one thing that can change the healthcare industry so drastically that the whole world can benefit.

“But how?” you’re asking.

The answer, although still an imaginative one, is simple; technology. In so many industries (telecommunication and security to name a few), the adoption of technology has allowed not only for improved efficiency, but the ability to collaborate with other members and share data that puts practitioners one step ahead – thus able to support efforts in operating at the top of their license.

Information is critical to patient-centered care, and the field of health informatics is constantly evolving to focus on how information is acquired, stored, and used in health care – with a particular emphasis on technology.

TPC is built on a foundation of accurate, up-to-date information. Things like:

  • A discharge summary from a patient’s most recent hospital visit;
  • results of recent blood tests;
  • medication prescriptions received from local pharmacies; and even
  • something as simple as a fitness assessment result.

Although this all sounds like it’s already being done, it is the ability to look at the interconnectedness of these medical applications that can manifest into actual, total care for patients. Shared between appropriate healthcare providers – this collage of information can build safer, more effective and affordable care for not only the privileged, but those who need it the most.

This is where we step in.

Allegra can provide the means for pharmacies and clinics to accomplish Total Patient Care with state-of-the-art technology which allows pharmacists and nurses to provide the best patient care they can with the least amount of hassle. We partner with healthcare providers in order to develop integrated, effective, customised and sustainable business process solutions, that bring the philosophy of total patient care to life – thus helping set the tone for the future and establishing the necessary IT infrastructure that will make it a reality.

The benefits are invaluable:

  • Better access to health information and health services;
  • improved patient care and safety;
  • greater co-ordination of care; and ultimately
  • more empowered patients.

With Allegra’s software, you can send reminders and set up schedules, and your clinic can help monitor patient health and adherence with regularly scheduled visits for check-ups. We help the pharmacist to make informed decisions about medication and treatments with direct access to the patient’s profile – which includes their medical history, current treatments and existing medication regiments.

Allegra is doing our part to address real issues of cost, access to and comfort with technology, privacy and security, health literacy, feasibility, and social inequality – in order to apply high-quality information to improve patient care while preserving the humanity of its interaction.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together in the establishment of a new era for healthcare.

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